Originally from British Columbia, Canada, Melanie Daniel immigrated to Israel in 1995. This dual perspective forms the basis for her current body of work, "Echo Shield". Her paintings create a topography that is chaotic and unsettled, without clear distinct borders. In prior series, Daniel has painted both the landscape of Israel - warm tones, washy areas, Cezanne-esque male nudes representing Army reservists - and her birthplace - vast expanses of snow, inconceivably tall trees, humans dwarfed by nature, and elements of indigenous culture, all with darker colors, pasty patches of paint, and vigorous brushwork. With two distinct painting approaches, Daniel has explored both the outsider's perspective on her new country, and the expatriate's distant view of home. Always, Daniel's restless painting leads the way.

After studies in Canada, Melanie completed her BFA and MFA at Bezalel Academy. With numerous exhibitions in Israel and abroad, Daniel received the 2009 Rappaport Prize for a Young Israeli Painter, with a solo exhibition "Evergreen" at the Tel Aviv Museum in 2010. Her 2012 video piece, "Busted", shown at Kelowna Art Gallery in British Columbia, received extensive press including CBC/Radio Canada. Daniel was a 2010 Creative Capital Grant Recipient, and most recently, a 2012 recipient of the NARS Foundation Residency in New York City.