Melanie Daniel
Lotus Eaters

September 4 - October 11, 2014

Rebecca Morgan:
Honey Ramka, "Wretch"
September 5 - October 12

Angelina Gualdoni:
Institute Library, CT, "Stilled Life"
September 6 - October 11
BGSU Fine Arts Center, OH, "REVERB"
August 29 - September 28

Carolyn Case:
The Parlour Bushwick, "Show #12"
September 19 - October 17

Julie Schenkelberg:
SiTE:LAB, Artprize 2014
Press: Wood TV, M Live recommends AGG as emerging gallery to watch, highlighting Melanie Daniel's upcoming show.
Asya Geisberg Gallery is pleased to present "Lotus Eaters", an exhibition of paintings by Canadian-Israeli artist Melanie Daniel. This newest series marks a philosophical shift within Daniel's oeuvre, with a retreat from her previously taut and politically charged milieu into a more languorous hallucinatory landscape. Here, Daniel encodes anxiety based on the turmoil of the Middle East with an increasingly subversive painterly language. While her preceding series "Echo Shield" alluded to an abstracted militarism and surveillance, Daniel's current works initially suggest an idyllic sublimity, only upon closer inspection yielding to a latent content of eerie unease. A post-apocalyptic aura emanates, where quasi-extant lone figures emerge and are in...

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