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Carolyn Case painting

Carolyn Case presents a solo exhibition of paintings and drawings, in conjuncture with her residency at Lux Art Institute, California. 

IN STUDIO: June 15, 2019 through July 13, 2019

ON EXHIBIT: June 15, 2019 throughh August 3, 2019

Baltimore artist, Caroline Case, combines abstraction with references to her world travels. Immersing herself in a location and letting the specifics guide her, she creates oil paintings that become abstracted landscapes that transcend origin. Her work is an amalgamation of various aesthetics that are drawn from textiles, symbols, artifacts, and landscapes she has encountered. These motifs have a life of their own, with their own histories and stories.

Case’s multi-layered paintings symbolize the complexity of culture and the constant demolition and rebuilding of cultural elements throughout history. Her process involves adding and subtracting layers of paint through sanding and scraping. The destruction of architecture, artifacts, and sometimes the dilapidated state of past cultures are depicted in Case’s paintings alongside still standing relics and cultural markers. Her works transcend a specific time and place and become an imagined landscape of design, patterns, and abstraction.

During her residency, Case will create a series of oil paintings on panel that investigate the landscape surrounding Lux.