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Carolyn Case

The works in “Jujyfruits” come together like the kind of candies the show’s title references: colorful, juicy pieces that have both individual appeal and amplified seduction when collected together. The playful drawings, paintings, and sculptures in this group exhibition share an interest in abstract and irregular shapes. In places, they seem plump, squishy, jello-like, and organic. In others, the artists offer harder-edged and jewel-like chunks. Simultaneously mysterious and joyful, the forms suggest familiar images without resolving into solid representation. Each work is a bold, animated presence inviting the viewer’s own associations and sensory responses.

For this exhibition, works presented are from Art Enables resident artists, as well as visiting artists from around the country: Amelia Briggs, Carolyn Case, Calvin “Sonny” Clarke (Art Enables), Andrew Geddes, Jennifer Little (ECF), Marcus Orton (Imagine That!), Dennis Quillin (Art Enables), Matthew Russo, Eileen Schofield (Art Enables), Ruth Stafford (Creative Growth), A.T. (Art Enables).


Image: Carolyn Case, "Hanging Rack," 2021, Oil on panel, 42h x 50w in.