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Katarina Riesing featured in Parlor online exhibition

Katarina Riesing
Three Muses
11’’ x 14’’
Colored pencil and ballpoint pen on paper

A Life of Leisure: 
Curated by Maria Vogel

November 30, 2021
By Kaitlin Macholz

A Parlor Guest Curation With Independent Curator and Art Advisor Maria Vogel


For independent curator, writer, and art advisor Maria Vogel, leisure is about the in-between moments that artists often capture in their interpretations of daily life.

In our very first guest curation on Parlor, Maria shares with us her vision of leisure through the lens of this collection: highlighted artworks from some of her favorite emerging artists, from New York to London to Atlanta.

"Leisure – something we all long for but seem to never get enough of. While the unofficial lifestyle rules of the 21st century might advise that leisure time is a luxury afforded to only those who otherwise spend their time grinding away at a 9-5, leisure is a necessary daily ritual that should be available to and enjoyed by all. Not necessarily grandiose or momentous moments, leisure can be found in the quiet in-betweens of quotidian interactions, during a deep breath enjoyed whilst commuting, or by savoring a bite to eat. While the phrase “A Life of Leisure” is a statement traditionally used to indicate a life of perpetual ease, in the case of this curated collection, it honors the lesser acknowledged instants of respite shared by many.

The ethos of Parlor invites art enthusiasts to reimagine their homes—the ultimate spaces of leisure—by providing access to renowned artists and artworks in an approachable, cost-conscious manner. The works in this curation all address leisure in their own distinct ways, whether it's in showcasing figures in a moments of pause and reflection, providing a look into intimate spaces, or by emphasizing the natural world that inherently recharges us." — Maria Vogel

Below, discover these artworks and read about how Maria connects with artists, curates shows, and finds the best views of Manhattan and Brooklyn for $2.75.


Read the full interview here