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Katarina Riesing


Featuring Amy Bravo, Monica Hernandez, Katarina Janeckova Walshe, Emiliana Henriquez, Konstanina Krikzoni, Maria Conejo, Bhasha Chakrabarti, Iva Lulashi, Sanie Bokhari, Noelia Towers, Luz Lizarazo, Arel Lisette, Alina Perez, John Brooks, Giorgio Celin, Lauren Reynolds, Isabella Mellado, Ute Petit, Katarina Riesing, Melanie Luna, and Alexandra Rubinstein

June 24th – August 12th 2023

In a time characterized by constant change and societal upheaval, a vibrant celebration of liberation emerges as we enter the bountiful season of creative exploration. Swivel Gallery is pleased to present the second installment of "Hot Summer,” a two-part group show that unites a diverse collective of artists who fearlessly delve into uncharted realms of human experience. Casting aside the dogmas of religious conservatism that have long dominated our planet, these artists embrace a contemporary form of paganism, breathing new life into old zeitgeist. 

By revisiting the pre-Christian era as a source of inspiration, these works once more prompt us to reevaluate our direction as we journey into the future. The exhibition encourages a return to the primordial wisdom and ancient spiritual practices inherent in earlier pagan cultures. Our featured artists illuminate the profound meanings embedded within human instincts and the cyclical patterns found in nature, freely and wildly engaging sensuality as a means to express the inner self. Their work examines this as a means of resistance against repression: challenging socio-political control on individual lives, narratives of propaganda, and the patriarchal objectification of female bodies. 

Expanding on the first installment exhibited at Julien Cadet in Paris, the artists in this next chapter continue their exploration of liberation, human expression, and the revival of ancient spiritual practices. With a focus on instinctive human behavior and the natural rhythms of the body, particularly those considered taboo today, these visionaries unveil spiritual interpretations that transcend the narrow confines of societal frameworks. Join us in experiencing the radiant energy of "Hot Summer," a platform for artists from all corners of the globe, each oering a unique perspective on dismantling the constraints imposed by civilization.


Image: Katarina Riesing, "Just Do It," 2021, Dye and Embroidery on Raw Silk, 22 H x 19.5 W in.