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May 26, 2018 to Aug 19, 2018

The focus of this group exhibition is the drawing material CHALK. Artists have been asked to produce new work with blackboard chalk and there are (inter)national loans of Joseph Beuys, Rudolf Steiner, Juan Muñoz and Nemanja Nikolić.

Curated by Kunsthal KAdE with advice from Arno Kramer

The nostalgia evoked by the act of writing and drawing on a chalkboard is the central focus of a group exhibition showcasing the new work of seventeen Dutch artists. There are also several pieces by artists such as Joseph Beuys and Rudolf Steiner on loan from international collections. The upper gallery will be hosting a guest exhibition of works by local artists exploring the theme of chalk presented by Blauwdruk 033.

Chalk evokes memories and feelings of nostalgia in people of all ages. With the invention of black and green chalkboards in the 18th century, whole generations grew up watching letters, figures, sentences, diagrams and formulas being written and drawn on the panels of the board – and then wiped off again. Teachers used white or coloured chalk, and sometimes large rulers, compasses and set squares. These materials and the act of writing on a blackboard are now almost history, having been replaced in schools by whiteboard markers and computers. 

Kunsthal KAdE invited seventeen Dutch artists to work in chalk on a blackboard background. The exhibition includes works by figurative and abstract artists and features a wide range of styles and forms. There is a large mural by Arno Kramer, a study of the green triptych as an altarpiece by Roland Sohier and a pavement chalk drawing on a set of paving slabs by Lenneke van der Goot, which will take viewers back to the school playground. KAdE is also showing several works by Joseph Beuys, Rudolf Steiner and Juan Muñoz on loan from international collections and an animation created entirely in chalk by Serbian artist Nemanja Nikolić in 2016.

Participating artists:
Marijn Akkermans (NL, 1975) | Jitske Bakker (NL, 1982) | Joseph Beuys (DE, 1921 - 1986) | Nik Christensen (GB, 1973) | Marcel van Eeden (NL, 1965) | Hanneke Francken (NL, 1976) | Lenneke van der Goot (NL, 1979) | Susanna Inglada (ES, 1983) | Arno Kramer (NL, 1945) | Bart Lodewijks (NL, 1972) | Romy Muijrers (NL, 1990) | Juan Muñoz (ES, 1953 – 2001) | Marc Nagtzaam (NL, 1968) | Nemanja Nikolić (RS, 1987) | Thomas Raat (NL, 1979) | Roland Sohier (NL, 1950) | Rudolf Steiner (HR, 1861-1925) | Guy Vording (NL, 1985) | Witte Wartena (NL, 1976) | Marjolijn de Wit (NL, 1979) | Marthe Zink (NL, 1990)