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Oil painting by Marjolijn de Wit

Opening: Saturday November 9, 12-7pm

Address: Otto Zoo, Via Vigevano 8, I-20144 Milan, Italy

Influenced by graphic and modernist schemes, the art of Marjolijn De Wit develops from the idea of depicting the complex relationship between humanity and nature or, to be exact, those places where the intervention of the former has had the effect of “misrepresenting” the essence of the latter. This is a theme that over time has led her to inquire into an aesthetic close to the concept of modern archaeology, and to questioning herself about the environment we have built around ourselves. In her painting, collages, and sculptures, she creates imaginary landscapes where incongruous and abstract elements are mixed up with natural landscapes.

On show in Milan are her large canvases inspired by cultivation, where the intervention of humankind and its continual aim to control natural production has given life to hybrid and artificial scenarios, and to gouaches that represent small still-lifes, small installations where abstract and real objects are mixed together.