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Matthew Craven in the studio

For Matthew Craven's newest solo show, IN BLOOM, on view at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco, there are multiple levels of research and discovery occuring on each work. First, there is the found paper medium, giving each work a certain aesthetic look but also a historical context. And of course, there is Craven's love of California flowers, mainly wildflowers found in and around the greater Bay Area. The patters and the medium, combined, give each work an almost tapestry-esque look, "guided by historical research of textile patterning, ceramic vessels and other pan-cultural motifs."

“In 2020, I was left sitting in my studio looking inward for inspiration," Craven said of IN BLOOM. "I recognized this moment as a different kind of challenge, one that required an exploration of my internal world. I had a lot on my mind and poured it into this work.” The drawings still have Craven’s distinguishable order, but the more rigid elements are beautifully interrupted by new and flexible organic shapes. “In some instances the more fluid shapes replace previous collage elements by using found images as stencils to create borders and outlines of new forms. It’s ambiguous and visually lush.”

The gallery will be open by appointment only. In order to ensure the health and safety of visitors and staff, please note that masks are required for entry. To schedule an appointment, please click HERE.