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Work on paper by Melanie Daniel

Image: Melanie Daniel, "Forest Friends", 2021, mixed media on paper, 50 x 40 cm. 

Preview: Saturday 22 January (1-4pm)
Exhibition: 23 January – 26 February 2022

Press Release

Bessho Ayumi | Ed Broner | Sune Christiansen | Martin Daiber | Melanie Daniel | Juan de la Rica | Jonathan Edelhuber | Melissa Floyd | Gabrielle Graessle | Rachel Hayden | Dan Hollings | Bradley Kerl | Morteza Khakshoor | Maeve van Klaveren | Rae Klein | Jan Sebastian Koch | Adam Lee | Maria Lundström | Iryna Maksymova | Navot Miller | Wynnie Mynerva | David Noro | Kemi Onabule | Dzvinya Podlyashetska | Magnus Reid | Jan Rybníček | Andrew Salgado | Ethan Stuart | Michael Swaney | Moley Talhaoui | Tang Shuo | Thom Trojanowski


paper. is a group show designed to introduce 32 talented international artists to new and existing collectors, visitors to the gallery, and online followers. The thirty-something invited artists hail from all over the world and include both gallery artists and a number of fresh talent. The selected artists were purposefully given vague criteria in order to free them from the constraints of a single overriding theme, and instead, focus on concerns directly relating to their practice. The resulting pieces include a multitude of styles, and media, including less conventional techniques like collage, silkscreen, and monotype. These unique works typically range between £2,000-5,000, with a few artists presenting monumental work up to £10,000, and others presenting bargains for works close to £1,000. The main objective was to present a range of affordable works to the seasoned collector, but also to more casual collectors, keeping in mind that works on paper typically run 1/3 cheaper than a similarly sized work on canvas. We are thrilled to present such a talented group of new and familiar names…we are confident that there is a piece for every taste, desire, and budget.


AYUMI BESSHO (b. 1985, Japan) currently lives and works in Yokkaichi, Japan. Solo exhibitions have been held at Gallery AYA, Nagoya, Japan. Group exhibitions have been held at Gallery AYA, Nagoya, Japan and 5/R Hall & Gallery, Nagoya, Japan.

ED BRONER (b. 1971, Paris, France) currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Broner began his career in the late 1980s as part of the Parisian graffiti subculture before focusing on paintings. Solo exhibitions include: ‘Culture’, Castanier Gallery, Miami, USA (2020); ‘Let It Drip’, Galerie Federson, Paris, France (2018) and; ‘After the Fall’, Acksel House, Berlin, Germany (2016). Group exhibitions include: ‘Contaminations’, Garten Gallery, Como, Italy (2021); ‘Figurative Samplers’, thy360, Thisted, Denmark (2021) and; ‘Paper Works’, NBB Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2020). Broner also curated ‘Now Now’, a group exhibition at Breach Gallery, Miami, USA (2021).

SUNE CHRISTIANSEN (b. 1976, Denmark) currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Sune completed his MA in Graphic Design and Animation from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2005. Prior to painting, Sune was an Art Director and Animator. Exhibitions have been held at: Palau de Casavells, Alzueta Gallery, Casavells (2021); Bricks Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark (2021 & 2020) and; Museum of Modern Art, Denmark (2021).

MARTIN DAIBER (b. 1979, Santiago, Chile) obtained a Bachelor Degree in Art from the Universidad Catolica de Chile in 2003. Daiber has exhibited in Chile as well as internationally in various countries within Europe. He was an artist in residence at the Leipzig International Artist Program (LIA) from Oct. 2016 to April 2017. Additionally, he received third place in the painting competition with Bancaja Foundation and the Valencia Institute of Modern Art in Valencia, Spain. Daiber has participated in a number of solo exhibitions in Chile, Spain, and Germany and group exhibitions in Chile, Germany, Spain, and Portugal. Daiber currently works and lives and works in Santiago, Chile.

MELANIE DANIEL (b. 1972, Victoria, Canada) currently lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel. Melanie completed her MFA at Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel in 2006 and a BFA in Fine Arts from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel in 1999. Solo exhibitions include: ‘No Man’s Land’ Asya Geisberg Gallery, New York, USA (2021); ‘Goin’ Where the Climate Suits My Clothes’, Kelowna Art Gallery, Kelowna, Canada (2020) and; ‘After the Flood’, Mindy Solomon Gallery, Miami, USA (2020). Group exhibitions include: ‘New Works’, Patrick Mikhail Gallery, Montreal, Canada (2021); ‘You Might Believe You’re There’, Girls’ Club, Fort Lauderdale, USA (2021); ‘Ocean Gleaning’, Baker Museum, Naples, USA (2021) and; ‘Extra! Extra!’, Asya Geisberg Gallery, New York, USA (2021).

JUAN DE LA RICA (b. 1979, Bilbao, Spain) currently lives and works in Bilbao, Spain. Solo exhibitions include: ‘De Nada’, Galería Lumbreras, Bilbao, Spain (2021); ‘The Incident’, Gitler&_ Gallery, Santa Barbara, USA (2021); ‘La Trama’, Ormolú Gallery, Pamplona, Spain (2019); ‘Final de Juego’, Muestra de Arte Contemporáneo, Doña Mencía, Spain (2018) and; ‘Artemis’, Galerie Sebastien Adrien, Paris, France (2018). Group exhibitions have been held at: Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne, Germany (2021); Eldevenir Art Gallery, Málaga, Seville (2020); Galerie Sebastien Adrien, Paris, France (2018) and; Galería Ormolú, Pamplona, Spain (2017).

JONATHAN EDELHUBER (b. 1984, Arkansas, USA) currently lives and works in Clarksville, Tennessee, USA. Jonathan completed his BFA in Graphic Design at Harding University, Searcy, Arkansas, USA in 2007. Solo exhibitions include ‘The Library’, Galerie Sébastien Bertrand, Geneva, Switzerland (2021); ‘Quarantine Skulls Part 2’, Zieher Smith Gallery, Nashville, USA (2021); ‘New Paintings and Sculptures’, Hey There Projects’, Joshua Tree, USA (2021) and; ‘Leaving The Garden’, These Days Gallery, Los Angeles, USA (2020). Group exhibitions include: ‘Reflections: Human/Nature’, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul, South Korea (2021); ‘Friend Zone’, Half Gallery, New York, USA (2021); ‘Works on Paper Vol. 2’, NBB Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2021) and; ‘Quixotic’, Ramp Gallery, London, UK (2020).

MELISSA FLOYD (b. 1979 North Carolina, USA) currently lives and works in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Melissa completed her BFA in painting at the Pratt Institute, New York City in 2001. Group exhibitions include: ‘That’s Effin’ Funny!’, Shoebox Projects, Los Angeles, USA (2021); ‘NOTACATBUTALLAMA’, Ivy League Gallery, Minneapolis, USA (2021) and; ‘OH BABY!’, Breach Gallery, Miami, USA (2021).

GABRIELLE GRAESSLE (b. 1956, Zurich, Switzerland) currently lives and works in Andalusia, Spain. Gabrielle completed her studies at the Zurich School of Art in 1987. Gabrielle has exhibited in Switzerland, Spain, Germany, and France. Her work is held in various private and public collections.

RACHEL HAYDEN (b.1992, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Rachel completed her BFA at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, USA in 2015. Solo exhibitions include: ‘Mirror in the Sky’, Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Chicago, USA (2021); ‘Sweet Dreams’, Bim Bam Gallery, Paris, France (2021); ‘Four Bitten Fruits’, Resort Gallery, Baltimore, USA (2020) and; ‘Please Hold’, First Amendment Gallery, San Francisco, USA (2019). Group exhibitions include: ‘Contact’, Bim Bam Gallery, Paris, France (2021); ‘Jungle Jinx’, 5-50 Gallery, New York, USA (2021) and; ‘Around the Table’, Legion Projects, Healdsburg, USA (2021).

DAN HOLLINGS (b. 1995, Devon, UK) currently lives and works in Cornwall, UK. Dan completed his BA Hons degree at Falmouth University in 2018. Solo exhibitions include: ‘Cutting Teeth’, Alveston Fine Arts, London, UK (2022); ‘Thistle Kiss at 4AM’, Alveston Fine Arts’, London, UK (2021); ‘Big Boys Don’t Cry’, That Art Gallery, Bristol, UK (2020) and; ‘Transition’, ‘Newlyn Art & Exchange Gallery, Cornwall, UK (2019). Group exhibitions and fairs include: ‘5 Year Anniversary’, Alveston Fine Arts, London, UK (2021); ‘London Art Fair’, London, UK (2020) and; ‘Chaos in the UK’, Old Bakery Studios, Truro, UK (2019).

BRADLEY KERL (b. 1986, Beaumont, Texas, USA) currently lives and works in Houston, Texas. Bradley completed his MFA in Painting at The University of Houston, Texas, USA in 2014. Prior to this he completed his BFA in Drawing & Painting at The University of North Texas, Texas, USA in 2009. Solo exhibitions include: ‘Bite the Hand’, Jonathan Hopson Gallery, Houston, USA (2021); ‘B a l m’, Ivester Contemporary, Austin, USA (2021) and; ‘Car Show’, Gold-Diggers, Los Angeles, USA (2019). Group exhibitions include: ‘Fortune Teller’, Ivester Contemporary, Austin, USA (2021); ‘Figurative Art in Houston: 2000-2021’, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, USA (2021); ‘Paradisia’, Mini Galerie, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2020); ‘Onsen Confidential’, Hagiwara Projects, Tokyo, Japan (2020) and; ‘Rude Assembly Part 4’, China Heights Gallery, Sydney, Australia (2019).

MORTEZA KHAKSHOOR (b. 1984, Iran) currently lives and works in Irvine, California, USA. Morteza completed his MFA at Ohio State University, Columbus, USA in 2018. Prior to this, he completed his BFA at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, Connecticut. USA in 2015. Solo exhibitions include: ‘Forty-one Drawings and Prints’, Art Gallery at California State University, Turlock, USA (2018); ‘Recent Portraits; Drawings and Prints’, Hopkins Hall Gallery, Columbus, USA (2018) and; ‘What Has Become of Your Strength’, George Mason Gallery, George Mason University, Fairfax, USA (2016). Group exhibitions include ‘Humoral Theory’, BEERS Gallery, London, UK (2020); ‘Delphian X Guts’, The Factory, London, UK (2019); ‘Open Door 15’, Rosalux Gallery, Minneapolis. USA (2019) and; ‘Art on Paper Fair’, The Tunnel, New York City, USA (2019).

MAEVE VAN KLAVEREN (b. 1977, Utrecht, The Netherlands) currently lives and works in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Solo exhibitions include: ‘Are You Presence?’, Gallery Sophie, The Hague, NL (2018) and; ‘Maeve van Klaveren’, De Aanschouw’, Rotterdam, NL (2016). Group exhibitions include: ‘Pancake and Apple Pie?!’, Kunstuitleen Utrecht, Bunnik, NL (2021); ‘Open Call 2021 Winners’, Delphian Gallery / Unit 1 Gallery, London, UK (2021); ‘Works on Paper’, Blue Shop Cottage, London, UK (2021); ‘Raakvlakken (interfaces)’, Moving Gallery, Utrecht, NL (2020) and; ‘Artist in the World’, Galerie Larik, Utrecht, NL (2020).

RAE KLEIN (b. 1995, Michigan, USA) currently lives and works in Michigan, USA. Rae completed her studies in Fine Arts at Eastern Michigan University in 2017. Solo exhibitions include: ‘This Is How It Is Now’, Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, USA (2021); ‘Presenting: Rae Klein’, Ann Arbor Art Centre, Ann Arbor, USA (2019) and; ‘Offerings’, IGG Gallery, Ypsilanti, USA (2017). Group exhibitions include: ‘I Have My Eye On You’, Everyday Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium (2021); ‘When Shit Hits the Fan Again’, Guts Gallery, London, UK (2021); ‘New Moon’, The Valley, Taos, USA (2020); ‘Small Wonders’, Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, USA (2020) and; ‘The Days Are Short’, James May Gallery, Algoma, USA (2020).

JAN SEBASTIAN KOCH (b.1978 Monchengladbach, Germany) graduated with an MA from the University of Art in Berlin in 2005. Solo exhibitions include: ‘If Mountains Could Sing’, BEERS London (2020); ‘Shelter from the Storm’, BEERS London (2019); ‘New Paintings’, Avlskarl Gallery, Copenhagen (2013). Group exhibitions include: ‘Lee Mingwei: Li, Gifts and Rituals’, Gropius Bau, Berlin (2020); ‘Roter Hirsch’, codex-­berlin, Berlin (2018); ‘Black Box’ Kunsthalle, Luneburg (2018); ‘No More Heroes Anymore’ Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin (2016). Koch currently lives and works in Berlin.

ADAM LEE (b. 1979, Melbourne, Australia) lives and works in Macedon Ranges, Victoria, Australia. He obtained a PhD from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2015, and graduated with a Masters by Research and Bachelor of Fine Art from the same university in 2006 and 2002 respectively. Solo exhibitions include: ​‘O Restless Earth’, STATION, Melbourne (2020)​;​ ​‘My Thousand Sounds’, BEERS London, (2019); ‘Stratum’ with Jon Cattapan, STATION, Melbourne (2019), ‘Monolith’, Gertrude Glasshouse, Melbourne (2018), ‘Lament Asunder (All is Dark is Midnight to Me)’, STATION, Melbourne (2017); ‘Of a Great and Mighty Shadow’, Angell Gallery, Toronto (2016); ‘Eden. Exile. Babel’, STATION, Melbourne (2015); ‘Into the Heart of the Sea and to the Roots of the Mountains’, KALIMANRAWLINS, Melbourne (2012); ‘The World Travailing’, KALIMANRAWLINS, Melbourne (2011); ‘And They Built for Themselves Kingdoms’, Tristian Koenig, Melbourne (2011). Group exhibitions include: ‘Shanti Shanti Shanti’, STATION, Melbourne (2018); ‘Sirens (I Heard Voices In The Night)’, Gertrude Glasshouse, Melbourne (2016); ‘35 Works on Paper’, BEERS, London (2016); ‘Angell Gallery’s 20 Year Anniversary’, Angell Gallery, Toronto, (2016); ‘I Heart Painting 2’, Angell Gallery, Toronto (2015); ‘In the Dust of This Planet, STATION, Melbourne (2014); ‘Ready Player One’, STATION, Melbourne (2013); and ‘Art Stage Singapore (with Karen Black), Tristian Koenig Gallery, Singapore (2012).

MARIA LUNDSTRÖM (b. 1954, Sweden) currently lives and works in Kallinge, Sweden. Maria completed her studies at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts, and Design. Solo exhibitions have been held at: Galleri Uddenberg, Gothenburg, Sweden (2020); Modern Heritage, Luberon, France (2018) and; the University of Art & Design, Oregon, USA (2018). Group exhibitions include: ‘Heads Full of Poetry’, Simard Bilodeau Contemporary, Los Angeles, USA (2021); ‘Way Out’, La Grange Gallery, Cernay-Les Reims, France (2020); ‘Influences Scandinaves’, Modern Heritage Gallery, Gallifet, France (2019); ‘Once in a Blue Moon, Se!’, Aarhus, Denmark (2019); ‘The Island Show’, Galleri KANT, Fanø, Denmark (2019) and; ‘A Take On Paper’, Galleri KANT, Copenhagen, Denmark (2019)

IRYNA MAKSYMOVA (b. 1991, Kolomyia, Ukraine) currently lives and works in Lviv, Ukraine. Iryna completed her studies in Graphic Design from Lviv Polytechnic University in 2014. Solo exhibitions include: ‘Big Opening’, and; ‘Whild Cats in Circus’, Figurative Vertigo, Lviv, Ukraine (2020). Group exhibitions have been held at Weserhalle Gallery, Berlin, Germany; 19karengallery, Queensland, Australia and; at the Shit Art Club, Los Angeles, USA.

NAVOT MILLER (b. 1991, Afula, Israel) currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Navot is studying at Weissensee Art School, Berlin, Germany and is due to graduate in 2022. Solo exhibitions include: ‘Everyone I’ve Ever Known’, Elektrohalle Rhomberg, Salzburg, Austria (2021). Group exhibitions include: ‘CHRONICLES 3’, Galerie Droste, Berlin, Germany (2021); ‘Visible Spectrum’, Projektraum 145, Berlin, Germany (2021); ‘The Invitational I’, Unit 1 Gallery, London, UK (2020); ‘You Can Do Better’, Elektrohalle Rhomberg, Salzburg, Vienna (2020); ‘Against the Wall’, HVW8 Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2020) and; ‘Juden Rein’, Werkstattgalerie, Berlin, Germany (2019). Fair include: ‘Misa Discoveries’, König Galerie, Berlin, Germany (2021); ‘Messe In St. Agnes’, König Galerie, Berlin, Germany (2021) and; ‘Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival’, Thessaloniki, Greece (2020).

WYNNIE MYNERVA (b. 1992, Lima, Perú) currently lives and works in Lima, Perú. Wynnie completed their BA in Fine Arts at The National Autonomous Higher School of Fine Arts of Peru in 2017. Solo shows include: ‘Closing to Open’, Ginsberg Galería, Perú (2021); ‘Dulce castradora’, LatchKey Gallery, New York City, USA (2021); ‘The Garden of Delights’, Museo Amano, Perú (2020), and; ‘Sex Machine’, Ginsberg Galería, Lima, Perú (2019). Group exhibitions include: ‘TRANS11.603’, Galería Studio Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland (2021); ‘Processes’, PUCP Cultural Centre, Perú (2020) and; ‘Menstrual Delay / Immediate Solution’, La Revoltosa Cultural Centre, Perú (2020). Wynnie is represented by LatchyKey Gallery, New York, USA.

DAVID NORO (b. 1993, Copenhagen, Denmark) currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. David completed his studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2018. Solo exhibitions include: ‘Late Night, None but a shadow in sight’, Galleri Kant, Copenhagen, Denmark (2021); ‘There’s Always a Little Pig in My Pocket’, Galerie Dys, Brussels, Belgium (2021), and; ‘Paintings 2020 (Rafting down River Ganges)’, Althuis Hofland Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2020). Group exhibitions include: ‘The Colourists’, Den Frie, Copenhagen, Denmark (2021); ‘Darkened by the Smoke of Candles’, Sim-Smith, London, UK (2020) and; ‘The Wunderwall’, Gallery Sofie Van de Velde, Antwerp, Belgium (2020).

KEMI ONABULE (b. 1995, London, UK) currently lives and works in London, UK. Kemi completed her BA in Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art in 2016. Solo exhibitions include: ‘Kemi Onabule: Arrival on the Beach’, Guts Gallery, London, UK (2020). Group exhibitions include: ‘Saw It Hang Down There’, Bode Projects, Berlin, Germany (2021); ‘Reality Check’, Guts Gallery, London, UK (2021); ‘Into The Light of The Present Day’, Oliver Projects, London, UK (2021); ‘Untitled (But Loved); Bosse & Baum, London, UK (2020) and; ‘The Catch Feelings, I Catch Bodies’, Sim-Smith Gallery, London, UK (2019).

DZVINYA PODLYASHETSKA (b. 1994, Lviv, Ukraine) currently lives and works in Lviv, Ukraine. Dzvinya completed her BA in Fine Art at the Ukrainian Printmaking Academy, Lviv, Ukraine in 2019. Solo exhibitions include: ‘Chronicle’, MSUMK, Lutsk, Ukraine (2021); ‘Young Love’, Global Arts Workshop, Kyiv, Ukraine (2020) and; ‘DRAMOIRONIA’, Dzyga Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine (2019). Group exhibitions have been held at: Delphian Gallery, London, UK (2021); MSUMK, Lutsk, Ukraine (2020) and; A-space, Lviv, Ukraine (2019).

MAGNUS REID (b. 1989, Perth, Western Australia) currently lives and works between Deia, Mallorca and London, UK, and is a self-taught painter. Prior to taking up painting, Magnus has been a successful chef and musician. His work is held in prestigious private collections in Switzerland, USA, and the UK.

JAN RYBNÍČEK (b. 1988, Moravia, Czech Republic) currently lives and works in Munich, Germany. Jan completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich in 2019. Exhibitions have been held at: Kali Gallery, Luzern, Switzerland (2021); Plain Gallery, Verona, Italy (2021); Galerie Lake, Oldenburg, Germany (2021); Plain Gallery, Milan, Italy (2021); Unit1 Gallery, London, UK (2021); Cuturi Gallery, Singapore (2021); Galerie der Künster, München, Germany (2020) and; Nova Galerie, Prague, Czech Republic (2019).

ANDREW SALGADO (b. 1982, Canada) graduated with an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art in 2009, and is regarded as one of the United Kingdom’s leading figurative painters. Since 2010, he has had over 15 sold-out international solo exhibitions in London, New York, Miami, Toronto, Cape Town (South Africa), Basel (Switzerland) and Zagreb (Croatia). Forthcoming solo exhibitions include Four Seasons in a Small Room at Allouche Gallery, New York (March 2022); and Tomorrow I’ll be Perfect at MAKI, Tokyo, Japan (autumn 2022). In 2017, Salgado was the youngest artist to receive a survey exhibition at The Canadian High Commission in London. He lives and works in London, England.

ETHAN STUART (b. 1989, Owego, New York, USA) currently lives and works in Frenchtown, New Jersey, USA. Ethan completed his studies at The Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, USA in 2010. Prior to this, he completed his studies at the Pratt Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute, New York, USA in 2009. Solo exhibitions include: ‘Making a Space’, Pt. 2 Gallery Oakland, Oakland, USA (2021). Group exhibitions include: ‘Inaugural Group Exhibition’, False Cast, San Diego, USA (2021); ‘MIRROR EYE’, Ortega Y Gasset Projects Brooklyn, New York, USA (2020) and; Garbage Pail Kids, Topainters, Topaintings, BEERS London, London, UK (2019).

MIKE SWANEY (b. 1978, Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada) currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. Mike completed his diploma in Design & Illustration at Capilano University, Canada in 2000. Solo exhibitions include: ‘Torrential Avalanche Sandwich’, Breach Gallery, Miami, USA (2021); ‘Peanut Butter & Honey Moon’, Sorry We’re Closed’, Brussels, Belgium (2019) and; ‘Here I am, Here I am, how do you do?’, L21, Mallorca, Spain (2018). Group exhibitions include: ‘CRYSTAL’, Delimbo Gallery, Seville, Spain (2021); ‘Now Now’, Breach, Miami, USA (2021) and; ‘Then and Now’, Allouche Benias Gallery, Athens, Greece (2020).

MOLEY TALHAOUI (b. 1985, Stockholm, Sweden) currently lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Group exhibitions include: ‘Antisocial Isolation’, Saatchi Gallery / Delphian Gallery, London, UK (2020-21); ‘Colloquialisms’ (digital exhibition), Steak Gallery (2021); ‘No Native Narrative’ (digital exhibition), YNGSPC (2020) and; ‘Humoral Theory’, BEERS Gallery, London, UK (2020).

TANG SHUO (b. 1987, Guilin, China) currently lives and works in Liverpool, UK. Tang completed his studies at the Guangxi Art Institute, Nanning, China in 2012. Tang has partaken in group exhibitions in Beijing, China at institutions and galleries including CAFA Art Museum; the Guardian Art Centre, and; Miaoyou Gallery.

THOM TROJANOWSKI (b. 1988, Kidderminster, UK) currently lives and works in Suffolk, UK. Thom completed his BA in Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Arts, London, UK in 2015. Solo exhibitions include: ‘Climbing Black Branches’, Kris Day Gallery, London, UK (2020); ‘Step Lightly’, L21 Gallery, Mallorca, Spain (2019) and; ‘Hold My Hand While We Jump Off This Cliff’, Asylum Studios’, Suffolk, UK (2019). Group exhibitions include: ‘Tree and Leaf’, Hannah Barry, London, UK (2021); ‘Raw Green’, Sim Smith, London, UK (2020) and; ‘Paintings on and with Paper’, COB Gallery, London, UK (2020).