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Painting by Melanie Daniel

Mindy Solomon is excited to announce an exhibition in collaboration with albertz benda, Los Angeles. Drawing from the gallery roster as well as several invited artists from the Los Angeles area, Solomon has chosen a colorful array of dynamic works that express the energy and vision of the Miami gallery.

Featuring a number of diverse voices, from the vibrant worlds of Super Future Kid’s paintings to the monochromatic, textural surfaces of Donté Hayes’ ceramics, this exhibition draws from Solomon’s gallery roster as well as several invited artists from the Los Angeles area. California sculptors David Hicks and Jay Kvapil, long-time artists with Mindy Solomon Gallery, will be presented in cooperation with Diane Rosentstein Gallery. LA-based artists Adam Miller and Brittany Mojo have produced works specifically for the exhibition.

Finding a curatorial thread among a diverse group of artists is an exciting challenge. Graphic imagery and bold stories are the governing language. Building community with like-minded artists, gallerists and collectors is an essential element in the ongoing growth of the gallery. As Solomon has stated: “The gallery program explores the intersection of art and design through an ongoing dialog between two and three-dimensional objects, while embracing diasporic voices. Building community has always been of the utmost importance”.

Artists: Natalia Arbelaez | Glenn Barkley | Andrew Casto | Genevieve Cohn | Melanie Daniel | Super Future Kid | John Gill | Donté Hayes | David Hicks | Lanise Howard | Kiyoshi Kaneshiro | Jay Kvapil | Sydnie Jimenez | Ezra Johnson | Osamu Kobayashi | Caroline Larsen | Linda Lopez | Adam Miller | Brittany Mojo | Jeremy Olson | Matt Phillips | Moises Salazar | Ali Smith | Malaika Temba