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As If A Field Could Become Some Dream: May 19

Maine Jug, 2015
Raku ware
9" x 5.5"


“As If A Field Could Become Some Dream”

May 19 - June 15 2018
Opening Reception - May 19th, 6pm-10pm

Curated by Brian Scott Campbell

Across the field a compendium of hallucinatory matter—the field, where things happen: battles, thought, conflict, play, dreams. Am I dreaming? Oh, heaven forbid! An opening in the woods becomes a field where light materializes in the dew above the grass, an open space as if a field could become some dream. “As If,” as much a hypothetical proposition as it is a sarcastic quip. The “field” a repository of transmissions and one-way dispatches. The “field,” an architectural, verdant, pastoral, wide-open, and a clumsy registry of broadcast. “Some Dream,” a kind of fog in which imagery may pass through, eroding particular features and presenting a unique and unwieldy space.

As If A Field Could Become Some Dream is an exhibition featuring the works of ten artists whose practices expand across a range of methodologies. Their works in painting and sculpture, employ a divergent and often outrageously idiosyncratic relationship to imagery and the picture plane. The full-tilt abstraction is often lodged into a dialogue with odd-ball cartoon portraiture and figuration, or within a discreet structural frame. The materiality of each of these works, and surfaces take immediate hold of the viewer, and tether the reduced imagery to a very human touch and organic ligature.