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Print by Rebecca Morgan



Kumasi Barnett, Ronnie Cutrone, Henry Darger, Mort Drucker, Peter Dudek, David Humphrey, Ai Kujima, Leslie Lasiter, MR., Rebecca Morgan, Mark Mulroney, Joyce Pensato, Archie Rand, Josh Reames, Michael Scoggins, Art Spiegelman, Martin Willner
Co-curated with Charlotte Bravin Lee

Before being exposed to museums, galleries and “so-called” fine art, the cartoon was the primary art form influence and experience just beyond the cradle…We set out to create a small show of artists inspired by comics and cartoons and quickly realized how pervasive this influence is. For most every child, Saturday morning meant being parked in front of the TV and hours of Hannah Barbera, bugs and daffy, road runner, Superman… the list is endless.  Every artist grew up glued to the TV and/or to the Sunday funnies and comic books. This is many artist’s first exposure to art and drawings. The influence of the onomatopoeia of the POW and BLAM, the look of the intersecting speech bubbles, the graphic design of a strip, the heroes of DC and Marvel, the satire of MAD, animation, anime, and the exaggerated eyes of manga characters all can be seen in the work in this show. Several of the artists re-write their own narratives through this classic medium others are more interested in the graphics and structure of the strip.

October 3-6 wander over to the Javits center to see ComicConNY - Our favorite section is Artists Alley