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Photograph by Rodrigo Valenzuela

"Rodrigo Valenzuela’s work is part of the exhibition series “Screen Series” at the New Museum in New York. The exhibition is on view through July 14, 2019.

Rodrigo Valenzuela, in his videos and photo-based works, addresses issues and experiences common to working-class people living in the United States. A special focus of his work are the new immigrants who come to the United States, especially people of Latinx heritage.

Valenzuela, an immigrant himself, worked odd jobs as an undocumented laborer when he came to the US. Later, he returned to school to study art. Through Rodrigo Valenzuela’s work, this exhibition brings to highlight,  the keen awareness of the challenges faced by people who have entered the country in the hope of a better life.

“The artist often works with non-actors on unscripted scenes, constructing his videos through an editing process that highlights the way individual and collective experiences exist in communion or in tension with one another,” the museum says.

The exhibition is on view through July 14, 2019, at the New Museum, 235 Bowery, New York, NY 10002, USA.