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Group Exhibition curated by Kate Mothes featuring Shane Walsh painting

June 2 + 3, 2018 (Saturday 12:00pm-onward; Sunday 12:00-8:00pm)

Location: Morgan Fine Arts Building
649 Morgan Avenue, Studios #2M, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Participating Artists: Katherine Adkins, Paolo Arao, Ned Armstrong, Karen Azarnia, Kate Bancroft, Peter Barrickman, Christian Ruiz Berman, Monica Delgado, Joseph Dolinsky, Austin Eddy, Basia Goszczynska, Sean Heiser, Timothy Hoyt, Erin Loree, Shane McAdams, Michael Nauert, Keith Nelson, Jenna Pirello, Olivia Rehm, Anna Jung Seo, Shane Walsh, Jack-Arthur Wood, Jr., and Jenna Youngwood

CONVEYOR considers the nature and intensity of movement and transition. Work arrives from across the city, across the country and across oceans — by car, by plane, on foot, in the subway, or via post. Each work is comprised of a multitude of formal and theoretical conveyances: an idea led to its inception, a blank surface or shapeless mass assumed a form, the artist moved around their work or they both moved around within a space. This exhibition is informed by the manner and quality of movement, not just from one physical location to another, but its dual nature and influence on a sense of self, or within society. Curated and organized by Kate Mothes, this exhibition brings together 23 emerging artists during Greenpoint Open Studios.