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Angelina Gualdoni

Troost Gardens is thrilled to announcen "The Ways of Magic," a group show that explores metaphysical, mystical, and the supernatural through art. Before Troost Gardens was an art gallery, it was Botanica Santa Ana, a shop where customers could buy folk medicine, herbs, incense, candles, and statues for saints and popular gods. At the intersection between Troost Gardens and Botanica Santa Ana, is an appreciation of metaphysical mystery. Drawing inspiration from the building's past life, "The Ways of Magic" draws together a dynamic group of artists all of whom are conjuring their own kind of alcehmy.

Participating artists: Yevgeniya Baras, NedRa Bonds, Melissa Brown, Hadley Clark, Angelina Gualdoni, EJ Hauser, Misha Kligman, Heather Lyon, Mike Paré, Andy Ryan, Chico Sierra.


Image: Angelina Gualdoni, "Lovers Root," 2021, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 18h x 14w in.