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Work on paper by Rebecca Morgan

"Cute Gloom" is about tension and the harmony between the binaries of cute and gloom. In between, there is a sweet spot where the majority of the feelings are felt. It’s never the highs and lows of an emotion that are most memorable, it’s always what’s in the middle.


Artists: Alaïa Parhizi, Alexandra Hammond, Alex Meadows, Andrew Jilka, Andy Harman, Avner Chaim, Barnett Cohen, Beck+Col, Benjamin Cabral, Caroline Jacobson, Cassidy Early, Chanel Von Habsburg-Lothringen, Chase Barney, Cheyann Washington, Christina Barrera, Clayton Skidmore, Colin J. Radcliffe, Delia Brown, Eric Lotzer, Frank O. Maier, Gaia Marcaccini, JD Raenbeau, Jebediah Long, Johnny Smith, Kayla Mattes, Marianna Peragallo, Matthew Sweesy, Mike Fernandez, Nadia Fediv, Patty Gone, Raymie Iadevaia,  Rebecca Morgan, S. Klitgaard, Sarah Thibault, Trulee Hall, Tsai-Ling Tseng, Vyczie Dorado, WANG Chen, Whit Harris.