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Photo of Rodrigo Valenzuela's studio

Goalkeepers are interesting because when you’re a kid, nobody wants to be the goalie – actually in a pick up game the last one to be selected is the goal keeper. The professional goalkeeper is the base of the team, the only player that keeps an eye on the structure of the game, and here is where the analogy plays more in my photo seires. His job is an act of disappearance. For example, if no one scores, it’s good, and when his team scores nobody comes to celebrate with him. In images like GoalKeeper #1, I want to set the viewer as the goalkeeper, as an observer of structures – how the images are articulated from the maker’s perspective giving her or him responsibility in the making (sense) while removing myself. Each piece is a set of images, sometimes it looks messy but they are not unfinished, they are a display of possibilities as they happen in my studio. Everything has importance. My aim is to break down the hierarchy of artist and viewer and give everyone autonomy to participate on these images.