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Working in oil, spray paint, and collage, Todd Kelly creates geometric, painterly and textured paintings. He often extrapolates successive degrees of abstraction from an initial figurative approach, such as a still-life or old-master painting. The same sized canvases are meant to hang in groups that can be endlessly rearranged, and interact in unexpected ways that create a sort of puzzle imagined by the viewer, resulting in a post-structuralist approach wherein the viewer's journey supersedes the creator's intent. Influences range from Dutch 17th century painting, old wallpapers, and patterns in illuminated manuscripts, to graphic design and digital forms of experimentation.

Originally from Michigan, Todd Kelly splits his time between living in Brooklyn, NY and working in his barn studio in Upstate New York, where he is surrounded by chickens, flowers, and studio views of the changing seasons. He began his career in architecture, an influence that still resonates in his work. Kelly earned an MFA at the School of Visual Arts and a B.A. at Anderson University, IN. Recent exhibitions include Transmitter Gallery, Brooklyn; LVL3, Chicago; Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia; and the New Bedford Art Museum, MA; and he has been included in exhibitions in London, UK; Galway, Ireland; New York, NY; Spokane, WA; Minneapolis, MN; Albuquerque, NM; and Madison, WI. His work has been featured as an Artforum Critic's Pick, and reviewed in the London Times, the London PaperArt F CityLVL3Bmore ArtThe New Criterion, Gorky's Granddaughter, and Beard and Brush, among others.