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Born in China and working in New York, Yage/雅格 Wang works with appropriated depictions of blue-and white ceramic objects in European oil paintings. By amplifying these marginalized and decorative objects, the artist reinserts his identity as a Chinese maker of Western-fetishized objects; and reorients the gaze from object to subject. The language of painting a sculpture has been turned inside out into a glazed (painted) sculpture of a painting.

Wang has received support from grants including Graduate Student Research and Creative Projects Award, Sandra Shea ’56 Fisher Prize for Exceptional Achievement in the Creative Arts and Remis Grant for the Arts. He has worked as a ceramic instructor for several private studios and as a teaching assistant in State University of New York and Penland school of Art and Craft. Wang recently received a MFA from SUNY New Paltz and a BA from Brandeis University in 2018.