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Painting by Mike Cloud

Something Else To It

Curated by Todd Kelly

Hannah Beerman, Patrick Brennan, Mike Cloud, Mark Joshua Epstein, Danielle Mysliwiec, Yage Wang, and Sun You

July 1 – August 6, 2021

High Quality Final Hole

High Quality Final Hole

RISD MFA Painting Class of 2021

Aparna Sarkar, Rebecca Senn, Gregory Deddo, Orli Swergold, Michael Dispensa, Yixuan Pan, Hannah Lutz Winkler, Nicole Schonitzer, Sean Walker Hutton, and Emily Wilker

August 12 – 28, 2021

Untitled Miami booth


With Matthew Craven, Marjolijn de Wit, Julie Schenkelberg, Guðmundur Thoroddsen, and Trish Tillman

December 3 – 7, 2015

paintings by Todd Kelly

Todd Kelly

Jolly Liar

October 29, 2015 – January 9, 2016

mixed media installation by Julie Schenkelberg

Julie Schenkelberg

Embodied Energies

September 10 – October 24, 2015

painting by Ryan Michael Ford

Character Traits

Nel Aerts, Brian Scott Campbell, Austin Eddy, Austin English, Ryan Michael Ford, Dawn Frasch, Raina Hamner, Sojourner Truth Parsons, D'Metrius Rice

July 9 – August 14, 2015

installation of works by Trish Tillman

Trish Tillman

Insoluble Bonds

May 28 – July 3, 2015

ceramics by Marjolijn de Wit

Marjolijn de Wit

Pots Are Not People

April 23 – May 23, 2015

detail of painting by Carolyn Case

Carolyn Case

Heat and Dust

March 19 – April 18, 2015

detail of photographic print by Jasper de Beijer

Jasper de Beijer

Mr. Knight's World Band Receiver

February 5 – March 14, 2015

installation of work by Ricardo Gonzalez

Ricardo Gonzalez

Rot Open in Bliss

December 11, 2014 – January 31, 2015

installation of Untitled Miami booth


With Ricardo Gonzalez, Angelina Gualdoni, and Rebecca Morgan

December 3 - 7, 2014

installation of group exhibition

Mira Dancy and Sarah Peters


October 16 – November 26, 2014

detail of painting by Melanie Daniel

Melanie Daniel

Lotus Eaters

September 4 – October 11, 2014

work on panel

About a Mountain

Alejandro Almanza Pereda, Vincent Como, Don Dixon, Gerhard Frommel, Elisa Lendvay, Rachel Niffenegger, and Anonymous. Curated by Holly Jarrett

June 26 – August 15, 2014

detail of painting by Allison Gildersleeve

Allison Gildersleeve


May 15 – June 21, 2014

Nada booth

NADA New York

With Guðmundur Thoroddsen

May 9 - 11, 2014

two artworks

Julia Bland and Daniel Petraitis

Hard as You Can, Right at the Middle

April 3 – May 10, 2014

Volta booth

VOLTA New York

With Todd Kelly

March 6 - 9, 2014

Rebecca Morgan painting

Rebecca Morgan

No Church in the Wild

February 20 – March 29, 2014

installation of Angelina Gualdoni paintings

Angelina Gualdoni

Held in Place, Light in Hand

January 9 – February 15, 2014

installation of works by Gudmundur Thoroddsen

Guðmundur Thoroddsen

Hobby and Work

October 24 – December 21, 2013

Totem, group exhibition


Nancy Azara, Amy Brener, Matthew Craven, Melanie Daniel, Jeffrey Gibson, Emily Noelle Lambert, and Trish Tillman

September 12 – October 19, 2013

installation of works

A.G.G. W.O.P.

Annie Attridge, Allison Gildersleeve, Angelina Gualdoni, Todd Kelly, Rebecca Morgan

July 17 – August 16, 2013

installation of group exhibition

Carolyn Case and Jens Schubert

June 6 – July 13, 2013

pour, a group exhibition


Ingrid Calame, Kris Chatterson, Roland Flexner, Angelina Gualdoni, Carrie Moyer, Carolanna Parlato, David Reed, Jackie Saccoccio, Carrie Yamaoka. Curated by Elisabeth Condon and Carol Prusa.

April 25 – June 1, 2013

Julie Schenkelberg installation

Julie Schenkelberg


March 14 – April 20, 2013

installation of Todd Kelly paintings

Todd Kelly

My Own Personal Rebus

January 31 – March 9, 2013